About Our Village

The Village Charter School, founded in 1999, is a nonprofit, independent, public charter school in Santa Rosa serving children in Sonoma County as part of the Windsor School District.

Our Mission

is to provide an ecologically-conscious, multi- cultural, creative, and meaningful educational experience in a small, positive, and peaceful school environment.

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“Village Charter School is a wonderful educational environment. My two children have both attended the school for their entire school careers. We have loved the focus on life skills and appreciate the effort to create a culturally diverse curriculum. Each of the teachers is a unique gem.” 

 –  Alicia F.  

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“Our seventh year here and I could not be happier. We feel so blessed to have found a school that looks at honors and supports the whole child and where so much value is placed on our environment, the arts, our humanity and global community in curriculum development. Each of the teachers are inspired, inspiring and full of open-hearted passion for the children. Both of my (very different) children thrive here!” 

 –  Ashley H.  

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“Village Charter is a place where the emphasis is put on the child and their experience of life through education. Through the heart the mind is fed and through strong community, the kids learn what it feels like to be a part of a beautiful whole. Thank you Village School for being the best school a momma can ask for!” 

 –  Stephanie L.  

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“We looked all around at schools. We visited four altogether, including both public and private options. When we finally toured Village Charter, my husband and I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. We were (and remain) interested in an early childhood education experience that values THE WHOLE CHILD, that gives kids plenty of time in nature, plenty of time to follow their own whimsy and their own academic interests, that does not assign homework in Kindergarten and offers emotional growth tools right alongside the academics. These days, these traits are not easy to find in a school! We found all of this and more at the Village Charter. Miss Malika is a gifted teacher with so much love for the work and the children. Five stars!”

 –  Meg H.  

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“This is an amazing school! My kids have learned so many songs, poems, have participated in plays, sewing, art, etc., and all that while learning how to be a better persons and to positively contribute to the community. I feel blessed to have found a school like this one for my kids.”

 –  Carlos C.  

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“this is the most amazing school ever. there is so much attention to each child as an individual, how we are all connected to the planet, and a true practice in compassion and kindness. we are so fortunate to have been a VCS family for nearly 4 years. we are looking forward to many more.”

 –  buddhamom14  

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“An all-inclusive school where life skills are at the forefront. Great teachers, involved parents and the administrator is the best.”

 –   Chris N.  

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“I’m so happy my family found this school! This is our first year at the Village Charter School and we love it so much. I love their dedication to multi cultural education and to teaching the kids real life skills that attach their education to real life and help them understand and make sense out of subjects that might otherwise seem pointless and unrelated to themselves. My kindergartener related the waxing and waning of the moon to other things that change in a similar way and my 7 year old sings songs about the march Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lead to fight for civil rights! I could not ask for a better education for my kids!”

 –  Laurie A.