Empowerment and Sustainability

On our campus, we practice and promote organic gardening, solar power, composting, reducing, reusing, and recycling. We provide nutritional education and have a wholesome lunch policy. We encourage environmental exploration and learning via weekly hikes. We also guide projects designed to affect change across our county.

These curricular aspects and lifestyle activities are an integral part of every Village classroom and every Village student’s education. We believe such knowledge and experience are rightful elements of every child’s learning and development.

A Collaborative Vision

We at the Village have a strong connection to our region. Many Village families work the land and own local businesses that provide enriching and sustainability-conscious products and services. We weave into our teaching local and nonprofit organizations that support our ideals and give our students the opportunity to contribute to the community. 


Our intention is to expand our ecological programs, co-exist with partner organizations at our wonderful new multi-school site, and establish ourselves as a valuable community resource; teach sustainable agriculture, grow fresh produce, create an outdoor learning laboratory, and provide educational workshops.


We wish to partner with equally motivated community organizations to advance our common goals of empowering youth, affecting change, and strengthening families and communities. Such cooperative efforts will enrich each participating entity, create mutual sustainability between groups, and broaden our collective reach into the community.

Community Rewards

Nonprofit investments and alliances would greatly and positively affect the integrity and growth of our school and its programs, enhancing our ability to spread eco-literacy throughout our community, share combined resources and knowledge, and provide inspiring and healthful educational opportunities for children and families throughout Sonoma County.


The Village is a school where world cultures are explored, creativity is encouraged, community responsibility is promoted, and character development is nurtured. We create a place where the intellectual, imaginative, and humanitarian promise of each student can be cultivated and celebrated.

We believe education must be broad, deep, and diverse to embrace every child, each with his or her individual personality, abilities, challenges, and background. The Village Charter School curriculum meets California State Content Standards and Frameworks.

In addition to academic pursuits, ecological studies, and the arts; students learn conflict resolution and life skills such as integrity, curiosity, initiative, flexibility, patience, and self-worth. In the learning environment that results, children develop effective and collaborative lifelong learning skills.

Our students benefit from experiential, interactive learning approaches, where core academics are woven with our whole world curriculum, including:

  • Instruction and curriculum which recognize and nurture individual strengths and learning styles 
  • Creative arts integrated into the curriculum, including crafts, visual arts, music, performing arts, and cooking 
  • Plays and festivals created with student involvement 
  • Nature-based hikes and garden activities 
  • Frequent field trips and campouts 
  • Community service opportunities

Community Alliances

At the Village, our sense of community and purpose extends beyond our campus. We are actively seeking new partnerships with local community organizations who would like to invest in, sustain, and strengthen our common goals:

  • to empower youth, affect cultural change; and strengthen students, families, and communities across Sonoma County
  • to promote social responsibility & cooperation
  • to teach children about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating
  • to offer a place where such educational opportunities and resources are available to all

Please contact us to share your interest and ideas.