Tackling the Teasel

4-8th graders working to remove invasive teasel plants from the open meadow by our school 

Check out all that’s growing and blooming in our school garden this fall.  

If you are interested in helping maintain this beautiful place please contact Ms. Parent.

Dancing Corn Science Experiment

Science Walk

seeing the vernal pools and views of the snow covered mountains 

Rachael Parent earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz (Go Slugs!) After graduating, Ms. Parent worked as a Teacher Naturalist/ Challenge Course facilitator at Westminster Woods and spent a couple winters teaching skiing and snowboarding in Tahoe. Ms. Parent earned her teaching credential and Masters of Education from UC Davis. She spent several years as a teaching assistant before coming to Village. 

Now a teacher at VCS; she provides instruction in physical education and science to all classrooms. She believes in getting the students outdoors and doing hands on projects whenever possible. Her goal is to foster curiosity and a love of learning in her students while creating a strong school community. 

When not teaching, Rachael enjoys hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, gardening and most activities that get her out in nature. She also loves curling up with a good book, especially one in the genre of historical fiction or fantasy.